• slidebg We define humanity.

    We define humanity.

    The fascination of being a human being, of having a common goal, of working together on something bigger than life!
  • slidebg We explore the unexplored

    We explore the unexplored.

    How can we, as artists, make that visible and livable?


    We expand the knowledge about the universe and ourselves

See our planet from above

I have a dream, that one day, every single person will be able to fly to space. To see our beautiful planet from above.

fragile balance in the universe

To understand, that there are no boarders, no nationalities, no hierarchies, no hate; just a fragile balance in the universe and in our eco system.

identify with their roots

I have a dream, that one day, each person will be able to apply for that experience in order to identify with their roots and home: the universe, star dust and our blue planet.

Every human being

Every Jewish Person, from around the world, can apply for a one time ticket to discover Israel. Every human being, should be able, to apply for a chance to see planet earth from above.

Arts and Science

But until that day, when that day becomes to-day, the Arts and the Science can come up with a plan, a device, an idea so big, that people can identify themselves with the universe and planet earth.



Imagine: 3 European cities. In each city is a SPACE BOX The BOX looks like a shuttle. The three space boxes are connected online. Outside, it says: MESSAGE IN A SHUTTLE. This is eARTh. May we have a glimpse of your time? We are looking for Astronauts! Each city needs a brave woman or man. There are no rules!

You just need to go inside. And Inside? You will find a Head-Mounted Display for an immersive virtual experience. A headset, which connects you to the three other cities and astronauts. Buttons, a screen and a live camera. The journey starts, when each city has found an astronaut. Three nations, flying together to Space. The astronauts can communicate. Each Shuttle has a special mechanism, in order to start the mission. The shuttle leaves our planet. A storyline guides you through the adventure. You explore the universe. The dimensions. You are in a different state of mind. In the end, you are going to be an ambassador of our planet. You have time for a brief statement, in which you define humanity and explain our race to strangers, to aliens and yes, to yourself. „What does it mean to be a human being?“ The messages are going to be videotaped. You can share your message on Social Media right away. The best video messages are going to be send into the universe!

Meet the Team

The universe is our stage. May we have a glimpse of your time?

Playwright and Director
After her studies in 2011, she found her own ensemble in order to create a new vision for the Arts: BLUESPOTS PRODUCTIONS. She is the artistic director, master mind and idea behind every project.
Multimedia Artist
Beside the very core of his life - his family - there are a lot of different extensions to business, as CEO of Ghostthinker GmbH since 2013, to music, as drummer of several bands and of course to theater as member of bluespots productions since 2011.
Creative Coder
Meet a technology enthusiast and creative coder who is very passionate about forge VR experiences and interactive art installations.
Camera and 360Degree Video
Videodevices and Cameras became his partners in crime. His language is a visuel form of thinking and creating.


Discover our art projects & theatrical performances.

Theatrical Performance 3
Art Installation 1
    Let’s play!
    A lot of people think, that we are insane. Usually, we fight that statement and find better synonyms like: free, creative or naive. After Brecht high 3, we would have signed <insane> as well.
  • Variations IX
    An interactive audio-visual composition.
    A play, designed for planetariums

We are looking for Astronauts!

We would love to hear from you so let's get in touch!


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