Multimedia Artist
Johannes & Life

First of all Johannes is a father and a husband. That is the very core of his life. Then there are a lot of different extensions to business, as CEO of Ghostthinker GmbH since 2013, to music, as drummer of several bands and of course to theater as member of bluespots productions since 2011. These extensions are connect to many different people and many different ideas and visions. One vision is: to combine science and art...

Johannes & Science

Johannes successfully finished his master thesis about the interdisciplinary conception and development of a collaborative e-portfolio environment in 2009. Johannes's research work currently focuses on social networking services and their usage by companies with a distributed infrastructure and employees. Within his PhD thesis he would like to examine the dissemination of video content with the help of video annotations in activity streams. Then he decided to successfully skip the PhD project and concetrate on family and business.

Johannes & Art

Art is always changing, but creating it, feels like the LEVEL UP moment while playing Super Mario.